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About the Lycoming College Shotokan Karate Club


William Bubb, Nidan

Lycoming College's Club Officers

President: Heather Rardin
Vice-president: Amber Aschwanden
Secretary: Amanda McGee
Treasurer: Amanda McGee
Webmaster: Amber Aschwanden

To view the club By-Laws and Constitution, please click here.

Club History: In 1973, Sensei Charles Russert a member of the Japan Karate Association's, All New York Karate Association located in New York City moved to the Williamsport area, where he introduced the art of Shotokan Karate-Do to it's residents. Because of unforeseen health issues associated with his wife, Sensei Russert moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 1978 to live with his daughter. Following his departure from the area, Sensei George Vance and William Bubb founded the Lycoming College Shotokan Karate Club. For over thirty (30) years, we have committed ourselves to passing on the high standards that the Japan Karate Association and the United States International Shotokan Karate Federation expects of their instructors. This commitment is evident not only in the proficiency of our students, but also in the quality of their character.

Following the successful introduction of shotokan karate-do to Lycoming College, we were invited in 1986 to organize a club at the Williamsport Area Community College now known as the Pennsylvania College of Technology. In 1994, both Lycoming College and the Pennsylvania College of Technology approved Ph Ed Shotokan Karate Course's for its students.

Both Lycoming College and the Pennsylvania College of Technology are associated with the International Shotokan Karate Federation's East Coast Collegiate Karate Union, which includes over seventeen (17) collegiate clubs including Bucknell University, Cornell University, Drexell University, Georgetown University, George Mason University, Johns Hopkins University, Lycoming College, Neumann College, Pennsylvania College of Technology, Penn State University, University of Massachusetts, Temple University, West Chester University, College of William & Mary, University of Maine, University of Rochester and West Virginia University among others.