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Lycoming College Shotokan Karate Club
By-Laws & Constitution

Revised: 15 November 2001

PREAMBLE: We, the members of the Lycoming College Shotokan Karate Club, do hereby establish these By-Laws & Constitution in order that the purpose of this club may be realized to its fullest extent.

ARTICLE I: The name of this organization will be known as the "Lycoming College Shotokan Karate Club".

ARTICLE II: The purpose of the Lycoming College Shotokan Karate Club is to guide its members in the principals of character development, etiquette and mental improvement; including understanding one's self, which separates karate-do from other forms of combative sports. This standard of behavior expected of members will not only be beneficial to themselves, but also to their families, friends and society.

A.) Regular membership is limited to students of Lycoming College who subscribe to the ideals of this organization. Only regular members have voting privileges. Alumni and employees of the college, including their family members may join as adjunct members, without voting rights.

B.) There will be no age, gender, racial, religious or sexual restrictions placed on individual membership.

C.) The following requirements are necessary to constitute active membership:

    1.) Membership is contingent on signing the clubs "Application for Membership and Disclaimer Form".

    2.) Attendance and active participation in a minimum of fifty (50) percent of all scheduled training sessions.

ARTICLE IV: The organization will include the following officers:

President Samantha Volz volsama@lycoming.edu
Vice-President Heather Rardin rarheat@lycoming.edu
Secretary Adam Hughes hugadam@lycoming.edu
Treasurer Ashley Campbell camashl@lycoming.edu
Information Officer Tiffany Zappulla zaptiff@lycoming.edu

Officers will be elected by a simple majority of club members, following the first scheduled class in November of each year. * President is responsible for presiding over all scheduled meetings and providing leadership and guidance for the club.

* Vice-President is primarily responsible for assuming the duties of the President during his/her absence.

* Secretary is responsible for maintaining any club records and correspondence.

* Treasurer is responsible for maintaining all the clubs financial records and acting as a liaison between the club and the Student Senate.

* Information Officer will help coordinate the clubs organizational activities. These would also include distributing information and organizing and keeping current the club’s web page.

If necessary, a special election will be held to replace any officer who resigns, is in active or requires dismissed for gross misconduct while in office. A simple majority vote of club members is necessary to appoint or dismiss any officer.

ARTICLE V: Members may be suspended or expelled for sufficient cause, which is determined to be detrimental to the club. A simple majority will be necessary to suspend or expel a club member.