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Training Sessions
Please join us in one of our sessions... Everyone is welcome!

Monday and Thursday - 7:00 PM in Lamade Gym's Dance Room

Saturday - 11:00 AM in Faxon Kenmar United Methodist Church's Becht Center, Corner of Sheridan Street & Clayton Avenue, Williamsport, PA 17701

Our dojo is instructed by Sensei Bill Bubb (right)

2008 Schedule of Events
06 December - Penn State University to host a seminar and advancement program

Congratulations to all who advanced at Lycoming College!
Brett Anderson, 8 kyu (Yellow Belt) to 7 kyu (Orange Belt)
Amber Aschwaden - 8 kyu (Yellow Belt) to 7 kyu (Orange Belt)
Megan Shoop - 8 kyu (Yellow Belt) to 7 kyu (Orange Belt)
Kyle Kissell - 7 kyu (Orange Belt) to 6 kyu (Green Belt)
Brittany Reynolds - 6 kyu (Green Belt) to 5 kyu (Purple Belt)
Adam Hughes - 5b kyu (Purple Belt) to 4b kyu (Purple Belt)
Heather Rardin - 4b kyu - (Purple Belt) to 3b kyu (Brown Belt)