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Shotokan Karate Handbook: Class Schedule

1st Week: Orientation and review of class requirements. Introduce students to the history of traditional shotokan karate. Review 'Traditional Karate' VHS tape. Begin stretching and conditioning exercises. Introduce shotokan karate punching, blocking and kicking in place.

2nd Week: Continue stretching and conditioning exercises. Training emphasis placed on punching, blocking and kicking. Introduce front stance.

3rd Week: Review of previous class. Introduce pre-arranged non-contact one-step/three-step kumite as application of dynamic use of karate for self-defense.

4th Week: Review of previous class. Introduce back stance, knife hand block and Heian Shodan kata.

5th Week: Review of previous class. Introduce side stance and side kicking. Continue practicing pre-arranged non-contact one-step/three-step kumite techniques and Heian Shodan kata.

6th Week: Review of previous class. Continue practicing pre-arranged non-contact sparring techniques and refining students knowledge of Heian Shodan kata.

7th Week: Final class review and student evaluation.

Professionally produced audio visual presentations and text books will supplement the instructors presentation of traditional Shotokan karate. There are a number of textbooks on the subject of Shotokan karate that are available to students on a optional basis. The following text books can be ordered through your instructor:

KARATE-DO: My Way of Life by Gichin Funakoshi, $8.00
KARATE: The Art of Empty Hand Fighting by Nishiyama & Brown, $21.95
BEST KARATE SERIES by M. Nakayama, $15.00 Ea.
KARATE-DO KYOHAN by Gichin Funakoshi, $40.00

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